Monday, August 25, 2008

The road to Salamanca

I haven't been around this blog for quite some time now. Don't take this as another useless and meaningless apology for not sticking to a self assigned schedule. The reason for this short post is just to tell the world that we have decided to turn our software factory into an open source project, hosted on CodePlex : . And there is even a blog attached to it, for which I am the main contributor. So that will be a excellent reason (I hope) for me not to find the time to update this one :-)

Salamanca is a product I really grew found of, and which I think brings great promises, especially in the field of with the concept of activities, that can be thought of as a View-Controller pattern.

Granted, as the size of the observable world seen from this blog is rather small, this post will also be used as a test for the trackback and reactions mechanisms on The road to Salamanca.